2 comments on “Keris JAWA, Abad Ke 18 – 19

  1. Dear Sir allmost all my Kris were bougth to an Indonesian dealer. But I have another opinion about that. I show to a lot of pepole “The wondwrful world of Kris” as you can read in my book, the only article writen by me in the book. So I think your comments are a big injustice to someone who gives to the world the knowlege of the most caracteristic weapon of Indonésia!
    Best regards.
    Jorge Caravana

      Many thanks visit in my blog “WILWATIKTA Online Museum”.
      In person …. I never blame everybody for some reason for the GOING ARTIFACT FROM MY COUNTRY “INDONESIA”.
      I’m respect to many museum around the world and private collector included YOU, who dedicated interesting for Indonesia artifact & maintenance it’s (with very good conditions). I make same blog in english at BLOGGER (you can visit too). That two blog never make own justification for artifact, I’m only copy a description as they make for that picture. BUT …. YES we will make some correction, if they description not correct as we know as culture maker. If you translate my opinion in Indonesian under the picture, I’m only show to people of Indonesia who never seen that artifact and invite them to make some replica or another masterpiece like that …. because we believe in deep …. we can make a same beautiful masterpiece as the artifact has been gone.
      Thanks for your comments, hope you can sharing Indonesia artifact from your collection.

      Best Regards
      for WILWATIKTA Online Museum – Indonesia

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